TALON Professional High Density Gray PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Tape

TALON Gray PTFE Tape is a high density, all purpose, non-seizing, PTFE thread sealing compound in tape form that produces a leak-proof seal on all types of metal and plastic threaded connections. TALON Gray PTFE Tape is a high density, 3.5 MIL PTFE.  Its thickness allows for fewer wraps.  Tape supplied on finished spools in an extra-long length and is compatible with:  acids, alcohols, heating oils, natural gas, LP gas, DEF, petroleum solvents, propane and much more.  It is compatible with a wide range of piping materials.  It is effective in temperatures from -450°F to 500°F (-268°C to +260°C) and pressures up to 10,000 psi.

TALON Gray PTFE Tape acts as a thread lubricant and anti-seize.  There is no curing time and has an unlimited shelf life.  It will not harden or crack on joints.  TALON Gray PTFE Tape will not transfer any taste or odor to the system being sealed. Excellent for food and water systems. TALON Gray PTFE Tape will never harden, and is an anti-galling tape making it possible to disassemble pipes and bolts easily after years of service. Excellent for threaded stainless steel applications.

Chemically inert. It is suitable for use on systems carrying almost all types of chemicals and gases including:

Acids, Dilute
Aliphatic Solvents
Aromatic Solvents
Compressed Air
Chlorinated Water
Coal Tar Naphtha
Cutting Oils
Diesel Fuel Oil
Fatty Acids
Freon (All)
Heating Oils
Hydraulic Oils
Inert Gases
Jet Fuel
L P Gases
Mineral Oils
Natural Gas
Nitrogen Gas
Petroleum Solvents
Soap, Liquid
Steam Lines
Vegetable Oils

3.5 Mil thick, 0.8/cmhigh density, 100% elongation. 

TALON Gray PTFE Tape meets MIL-T-27730A.
Meets ASTM D3308 – Standard Specification for Skived Tape.
Meets International Fuel Gas Code 403.9.3 for Thread Joint Compounds.
 Talon PTFE Tape
Product Name Product Code Size Container Items Per Case Case Weight UPC Code
TALON High Density Gray PTFE Tape TL1429 1/2" x 1429" (1.27 cm x 36.3 m) Plastic Spool 45 8 lbs. (3.6 kg) 688544015799
TLW1429 3/4" x 1429" (1.9 cm x 36.3 m) Plastic Spool 27 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) 688544025798
TLX1429 1" x 1429" (2.54 cm x 36.3 m) Plastic Spool 27 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) 688544035797


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