PLUMB-PRO® CPVC Pipe Vent Screens

PLUMB-PRO® CPVC Pipe Vent Screens are professionally made to prevent unwanted animals, leaves and debris from entering HVAC and plumbing vent pipe. Fabricated with Schedule 80 CPVC and high quality Type 304 Stainless Steel Screen.  The vent cap works excellent as a condensate trap screen and as a vent stack guard.  Ideal for use on high efficiency heating equipment.  No tools or glue are required for assembly.  Simply press the vent screen into an existing fitting to seal out the pests and unwanted debris. The patented condensate channel allows for proper drainage that prevents a buildup of moisture and potential freezing of the screen.    

  • Glue and Tool Free Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Screen
  • Prevents Vent Clogs
  • Professional Grade
  • Patented Condensate Channel on 2 Inch and Above Prevents Freeze Build-up


Safety Data Sheets

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Spec Sheets

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Product Name Product Code Size Container Items Per Case Case Weight UPC Code
PLUMB-PRO® CPVC Pipe Vent Screens #VSC2 2" (5.08 cm) Boxed 10 1 lb. (0.5 kg) 68844026320
#VCS3 3" (7.62 cm) Boxed 10 1 lb. (0.5 kg) 68854036329
#VSC4 3" (7.62 cm) Boxed 10 1 lb. (0.5 kg) 68854046328


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