BLACK SEAL Acrylic Concrete Sealer and Damp Proof Coating

BLACK SEAL is a single component waterborne coating ideal for seamless waterproofing applications above or below-grade. A quick drying damp-proof coating with high solids that is ideal for most all concrete structures. BLACK SEAL offers one coat coverage with full resistance to water. Excellent for sealing concrete pipe, concrete block, masonry, brick, stucco, and wood surfaces. Excellent for interior and exterior use to create a damp-proof coating. Suitable as a top coat on properly primed metals.
Black Seal Concrete Sealer
Black Seal
Excellent for Sealing Concrete Manholes and Pit Blocks
Whitlam Black Seal on Pit Block
Product Name Product Code Size Container Items Per Case Case Weight UPC Code
BLACK SEAL Black Acrylic Concrete Sealer and Damp Proof Coating BSB5 5 Gallon (18.9 L) Plastic Pail w/ Handle 1 49 lbs. (22.5 kg) 688544057140


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