FROST-PROOF PG38 Anti-Freeze Solution

Anti-Freeze and Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Formulated for Metal Fire Lines
  • NFPA Compliant Glycol
  • Premixed Anti-Freeze
  • Burst Protection to -50°F (-46°C)
  • Generally Regarded as Safe

FROST-PROOF PG38 Anti-Freeze is a non-toxic, propylene glycol based anti-freeze for all types of wet fire sprinkler systems, excluding CPVC, that provides burst protection to -50°F (-46°C).  FROST-PROOF PG38 is a 38% pre-blend that conforms to NFPA standards to allow for direct replacement of anti-freeze in the system.  No dilution is required.

FROST-PROOF PG38 is nonflammable and non-corrosive. FROST-PROOF PG38 will not support bacterial growth in the system and eliminates the possibility of contaminating domestic and potable water systems. FROST-PROOF PG38 Anti-Freeze Solution is “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. All fire protection systems that use FROST-PROOF PG38 need to conform to local, state and NFPA requirements.

FROST-PROOF PG38 when used undiluted, will protect against freeze damage and ensure flow in the system.  See freeze protection chart below.

No dilution is required.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Product Features

Product Name Product Code Size Container Items Per Case Case Weight UPC Code
FROST-PROOF PG38 FPPG5 5 Gallon (18.9 L) Pail w/ Handle 1 44 lbs. (20 kg) 688544055818
FPPG55 55 Gallon (208 L) 55 Gallon Drum 1 500 lbs. (226.8 kg) 688544555813
FPPG275 275 Gallon (1041 L) 275 Gallon Tote 1 2500 lbs. (1134 kg) N/A


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